Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Character Names

So, I am starting to get back into my original story. I tried to veer off track and start some new projects, but I just couldn't let my characters go. They kept creeping back into my head and begging to be heard.

One of my first tasks was to reread what I had completed in the original draft and plot where things were headed next. I realized as I was reading that my main character is named Brynn and I have a minor character named Mason. Keep in mind I started writing this awhile ago - 2009 - so the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer had not been published yet. Now that it's out though I feel like I need to change the name of my characters. Replacing Mason's name isn't a big deal since he isn't a major character, but I am pretty bummed about Brynn. It seems that name is popping up everywhere lately. Rachel Caine also just launched a new series featuring a main character with that name as well.

So now I need to rename my main character. Should I go for something unique or stick to mainstream? Thoughts?

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